Moth & Whisper comic book recap issue #1

This is gonna be a fun one, guys.

I know this one has been out for a few months. The current issue out right now is #3, but I only recap #1 comic books so…yeah, I’m gonna do that.

Moth & Whisper by one of my new favorites, Aftershock comics, is about two thieves. It was written by Ted Anderson with art done by Jen Hickman, I should also mention they were co-creators/collaborators. So yeah.

You what’s wrong with your shoulder?

The comic book begins by introducing the two super thieves, Moth & Whisper.

It goes on to explain that Moth is a chick who can change faces and steal people’s things by bumping into them and then turning into a new person so you can’t find her. She leaves behind a calling card which is of a Moth.

Dis her
Dis her too

Whisper works just as well and in a similar manner except no one has ever seen his face. True or fake, they literally don’t even know he was there. Sometimes the only way you knew who you were robbed by because he would leave behind a calling card of a skull with a hand over his mouth. He also exposed government secrets so that was his thing apparently.

Excuse me sir, you ain’t holding on to your shit correctly

After we get introduced to these thieves we move to a new set of what seems like the bad guys. They’re insulting each other and talking about owning the black market on firearms. So yeah definitely bad guys. And most likely European. Because who needs a black market when anyone get a gun in America? No matter your criminal background, psychological background, or what have you, you can just get a gun. A machine gun even! If you can afford military grade weapons then by George you can get one!!

Nice scarf! Ooo hey someone is watching you!

I digress.

Back to Moth & Whisper. These thieves had no ties and they would steal from anyone who paid them. They had even been told to steal from each other. However no one had heard of them or seen a calling card from them in 6 months and people believed that they were gone and there was no one who could ever replace them.

In the next scene we see a woman behind a man and she is talking to him. She has just slipped some important files into his pocket. He is like “thanks, so you’re moth? You don’t look how I thought you would.” And she’s like “yeah.” Then he goes, “well let me get you the rest of your payment…” And she’s like “already got it, peace out.” And he’s like “wait up did you read what is on these files.” And she’s like “Um, no. It’s not my business.” Then she ducks out and changes outfits/faces/hair/everything. She emerges as the Whisper.

I can see you!!!

The Whisper has been hired by a seedy looking bunch. And the main guy is like “where’s my shit?” Whisper hands it over and the guy is like “Weird you took this job since last time you got into a firefight (whatever that is) with half my guys.” Whisper is like fuck. The main guy goes on to say that Whisper sold the details of his convoy to this guy’s rivals. Whisper is like hmm double fuck, “How do you know I was the leak?” The main guy is like “shut up, you’re caught. Then there is this bright white light and a bunch of smoke and the henchmen all scramble around to find the Whisper. However, Ol’ Whispy took a dude hostage and is about to get away.

Hugs for everyone! No? Just this guy then!

The Whisper shoots some people and runs the heck out of there. Once outside he calls on his suit to make an emergency change as he runs out into the streets.

Omg where are your pants??

The henchmen run out after the Whisper and find nothing. She already turned and jumped onto the subway. BYE FELICIA! DON’T WAIT UP!

Anyways this girl who is both the Moth & Whisper is on the subway thinking to herself about how badly she fucked up. She’s like “I should’ve known Haag was after Whisper. I gave away the drive without getting payment first, I’m a fucking idiot.” I’ll say.

She heads back to a safe house that is creepy AF.

Why are you wearing a winter coat with a pair of bike shorts? You are not a Kardashian. This makes no sense to me.

Once inside, she tells the suit to remove itself from her body and put her back to normal. And as she removes her mask, she wonders how her mom and dad did all this thievin so good!

As legend would have it the Moth & Whisper are enemies but its not true. They were partners/lovers and they ended up having a child with blonde hair which makes absolutely no sense because Moth is black and Whisper is a white person with black hair. Look at the kid.

I wish I had a suit that told me to eat all the time.

Now look at the parents

Maybe they adopted? Adoption is normal.


Anyways as Niki eats her fucking Top Ramen she replays an old video that her parents left her in that old “In case we go missing please watch” bags.

Basically in the video Niki’s parents tell her to stay in the safe house and not to go looking for them and that they will be back at some point. As it seems at this point they’ve been gone for six months. Shit is crazy. And now Niki is dawning Moth’s costume and doing some crazy ass shit for no reason. I guess if the kid isn’t in school she needs a hobby so whatever, I will not fault her this time.

Her parents left behind all these files on bad guys as well as a suit that allows Niki to go out and be whoever she wants, as well as a shit ton of weapons and some money, so apparently they want her to be them? IDK it seems like bad parenting but also there would be no book if the kid was just like “wow I have super spies for parents, okay night night.” END OF SERIES.

So Niki decides since she has all this crap and nothing but time she might as well find out who adult-napped her parents. Niki believes that the only person who has enough resources and hate against both spies is a man named Ambrose Wolfe so that is her target.

Interesting choice for a haircut, henchman with two fat triangles on your head.

He seems like a charming enough guy but Niki isn’t into him. She says her parents would never work for the guy because he was so awful. Ya know human trafficking and stealing organs is kinda weird. But anyways we leave on this powerful note.

I’m shaking

V Cool. V exciting. I wonder if her parents are going to come back or if they’re dead? I will be very disappointed if they are dead just because I would like to read a comic book about them. Maybe they will come out with a prequel and that would be very fun for me.

Anyways what did y’all think of this here comic book? YAY OR NAY? Let me know in the comments section!

Comic Book Recap: Dead Kings #1

So this week I wasn’t really interested in any of the new line of comic books coming out. BUT I did want to read another that had come out last week. So this week, I bring you DEAD KINGS #1 published by Aftershock comics. Dead Kings was created by co-collobarators Steve Orlando who wrote it, and Matthew Dow Smith, who is the artist. The cover art was created by Russ Braun and Jose Villarrubia.

Dead Kings has been advertised in a lot of the comic books I have been reading so I was pleased when it came out. It wasn’t available in a lot of places because I guess it was super hyped up and a lot of people reserved a copy, but I was able to get one this week.

The comic book begins with a chick, Iustina, giving birth to twins while monsters fight outside her tiny cabin.

Are these monsters or robots? Orr???

As if pregnant bitches didn’t have enough to deal with already.

We’re introduced to a place called Thrice Nine and a town of Rus. Rus is all fucked up from the monsters fighting I guess and we’re told that all the kings of the past are dead and now their fucked-up courts who like to step on cats (really) rule the world or the kingdom or whatever.

YOU GODDAMN BASTARDS! That’s a living feline!!!

We are introduced to the hero of our story, Sasha. It’s some dirty, white man who is walking around Thrice Nine and a beggar, Lev, asks him for money. He’s like “no, but I’ll buy you food, come with me to this bar.”

So, our hero has made a new friend and they go into a bar together, unfortunately the bar keep already hates him. He calls them niners and is like why are you here. Sasha goes into this long tirade about how Rus was his mother, father, and lover (problematic) and the bartender is like “you’re lying.” and Sasha is like “Why, yes I am.” Sasha says the’s looking for Stone Mary and he basically doesn’t care that he’s being treated like shit here because he was a kid during the war and that the doesn’t have loyalty anywhere really so the barkeep is wasting his time.

Nobody really cares about Sasha’s reasoning for thinking he can just waltz into this territory and immediately a couple of goons sneak up behind Lev and Sasha.

Sasha is like we’re gonna have to fight these two, Lev. And Lev scarfs down some more food and is like “no thanks. Pay for that will you?” Oooowweeee I like Lev, he sassy. It is how I leave all of my first dates.

Bye Lev!

Luckily, Stone Mary comes up behind him and threatens him with a broken bottle to his face. Which is odd. I guess Stone Mary, if you say her name she just shows up. Like Beetlejuice except you only gotta say it once? Still trying to understand the character.

What’s up with that dudes pinky finger?

So Sasha hits on her and is like “can I buy you a drink?” And she’s like “ew, no. You can buy me breakfast, tomorrow.” So like a boss she lets him stay on her dime in this bar-hotel apparently for the night. I AM CONFUSED. Why is she letting him do this? Just because he’s looking for her and wants to talk?? Or because they are both niners?

The next day the two meet up and Stone Mary still has her broken bottle next to her.

We finally find out why Sasha is here and needs Stone Mary’s help. Apparently the left Thrice-Nine five years ago, but his twin brother Gena stayed with their mom. Gena then got sent to a concentration camp because he’s gay. So Sasha has set out to free Gena and send him back to his mother. And Sasha’s amazing plan was to replace his testicle with a bomb! Normal!

Sasha says the wants to do this before his mom turns 50. Stone Mary is like I’m 50 as well. She decides not to go on the mission with Sasha because there are thousands of stories like his and he ain’t special.

Ah she used to be a transformer.

Sasha tries to shoot his shot one more time and gives her a speech about how she is a hero and she didn’t turn on everyone like everyone else in the “Oprichinki” did and she has the power to liberate thousands. Stone Mary is like “nah still good.”

Sasha reflects on what he has to do for his mother, who as it turns out was the pregnant woman in the first scene, Iustina.

He gets stopped in the next scene for driving past curfew and wearing the clothes of old Thrice Nine or something.

The Oprichinki grab him and give him a nice little speech meanwhile Sasha is like “You guys are bitches. I just wanted to come see my mom. Rude.”

Tell Mama, I’m sorry

Then the Oprichinki arrest him and tell him they’re sending him to a concentration camp, and he’s like awesome, take me to Sochi.

They’re like Sochi? Like the olympics? No bitch, you’re not going there. You’re going somewhere…else!


And that was it. Pretty visually interesting comic book. I could see this as one of those dark TV shows on Netflix. You know the ones that are literally dark? Like you can barely tell what is going on in the show because you’re like “WTF is this a blue light? What are these shapes? Is anyone breathing?” You have no idea what these purple-lipped characters are really up to so I guess it adds to the mystery of the show as you wonder if you need to get a new TV or if the brightness setting is too low on your MacBook. Yeah one of those shows.

Loved it Aftershock, give me more.

Also, they threw this image in the book with no explanation. And I don’t have one for you either. But I am impressed with this woman’s libido.

Clankillers Issue #1 Comic Book Recap

Hey. I just met you. And this is crazy, but take this weapon, and let’s kill clansmen together, maybe?

Based on the name of this comic book, and the fact that I am such a hardcore liberal that I rode in a float at a parade for the young democrats before I could even vote, I had to purchase.

Clankillers is published by Aftershock comic books, written by Sean Lewis and art by Antonio Fuso.

As a warning, they say “fecking” a lot. And they’re Irish. I’m not sure if those two things are related. Someone let me know.

Hell is a Place Called Ireland.

I’m not making that assumption that is the title of this first issue.

So the comic book starts with this naked woman sitting cross-legged breathing ice or smoke everywhere talking shit about Goddess Balor and her dad. Daddy issues. Yawn.


Screenshot 2018-08-07 at 11.38.39 PM
What a nice looking rash.

IDK who tf this ghost voice is talking to, but she is talking about the King of Ireland, her father.

Basically, she said this Goddess of Balor told him to murder all the clans to make him a feared king, cause it would make his daughters get over the fact their mother is dead or gone or something.

Yeah, when my mom died and my dad went on a serial killing spree I felt SOO much better.

The girl continues on to say that murdering everyone made them into heathens. Cause why wouldn’t it? If you’re powerful and can’t be touched you start doing bad things just to see how far you can go without getting in trouble. Kinda like the Jinx, ya know?


Screenshot 2018-08-07 at 11.44.08 PM
Looks like an Eiffel Tower in the background over there.

So we finally meet the girl after she makes this speech, her name is Finola and her and her boyfriend, Cillian just murdered a bunch of people and stole a skull from them. Or they took the school themselves.

Then we meet her dad, Padraig the Grotesque ( he got his name from building a castle out of skulls and feeding the flesh to cows apparently)

So he’s chillin on his throne and he has all these townsfolk offer things to him in exchange for their lives.


Screenshot 2018-08-08 at 12.20.08 AM
IDK if you can read this shit, but after this bitch offers him women in baths he’s like has anyone seen my daughters? Gross.

His daughters show up, like “we’re here to please you m’lord.” also gross.

And Lord Farquad or whatever his name was is like “Where’s the third daughter! You’re nothing without the other one!” then he smashes something with his sword. Like wtf? Who acts like that. Fucking weirdo.

So his one daughter who plays the violin says she probably went to the orphanage to see Cillian.

Then we’re back to Finola who is with C. She explains that she met him cause he was always hiding from the priest who would butt rape him. Ah, how fucked up religion was for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Cillian tells Finola that if he ever loves women one day, he wants to make demented babies with her. Cause you know he’s only fucked dudes up to this point.

Then a banshee shows up. Like a really tall banshee.

And she’s like “you’re stupid children.”


Lard Farquad goes to the orphanage AKA the church-run orphanage AKA the children sex-traffic ring to meet the priest and ask him where Cillian is.

So he bursts in there and backhands a little boy across his mouth and asks where the Cardinal is. These three naked hoes on a couch tell him he’s at “bible study”

Bible study is being guarded by nuns for some reason? Like, get better muscle. Or give the nun guards something to wear that they can actually fight people off in.

He backhands this bitch next and opens the door to find the Cardinal naked with some children and asks him where his daughter is.


Screenshot 2018-08-08 at 12.31.52 AM
A little girl? Hmm thought Catholics were strictly into cock.

The King threatens to chop his dick off he doesn’t tell him where his kid went. But the Cardinal says they were there today, but they might be at the Bogs, so the King heads to the Bogs.

Finola and Cillian have ended up with not just one Banshee but a whole load of them, and they’re like “what do you children want?”

And Finola is like “we brought you a skull, but not just any skull the skull of a man who told my dad how to find you and send you to these Bogs.”

So the Banshees are like “That’s cool. We are wearing club dresses so its weird that we live in a swamp now, anyways.”


Screenshot 2018-08-08 at 12.37.37 AM
If you wear Fashion Nova in a forest and no one is there to ogle your butt, did you ever wear Fashion Nova in the first place???

Fin’s like, “ya I figured. So I want something”

The Banshees are like, “okay what?”

Fin asks for the Goddess of Balor’s head… I think she’s the girl with the nice rashes from the first page?

So King Farquad is in the next panel so we have to wait for their answer. He’s looking through some binoculars at his daughter like the creep he is. He’s like “Fin found the monster bitches I banished. I’m gonna kick her ass, or murder her probably because I’m insane.”

The Banshees are like ” we can’t call the Goddess unless-”

Then Finn is like “I know we have to kill all the kings of the clans including my father.”

And the Banshees are like “You cool with that?”

Fin is like “Uh yeah. He sucks and I want my mom back. When the divorce happened no one even let me choose. Could have avoided a whole thing, but nooooo gotta murder n shit now.”


I mean END.

Um, I really like this so far. It is twisted, but in a way that I’ve seen before so they’re gonna have to give a lot more in the upcoming issues, but I’m down to see what they come up with. And by the time I post this, the second issue will already be out! So I don’t even have to wait to see!

What did you think of the Clan Killers? Dope or Nope? Lemme know. And if you want me to recap a comic book put it in the comments and I will do that.

K thx, bye.