My Must Read List For Quarantine

Hey, maybe you could’ve used this list last month. And to that I say, I didn’t think of this until now. Anyways, here is a collection of my Must Reads and favorite Comic Books. I would say they’re in order, but lyke they’re not. Except #1 is my #1. Matt Fraction and Dan Aja’s –Continue reading “My Must Read List For Quarantine”

Hit Girl Season Two Issue #9 Recap

Hit-Girl is finally going to India! I don’t know why I said that. It’s not like we were waiting for her to go to India. Or were we? I digress. Another banger in season two this time from Peter Milligan and Alison Sampson. Kevin Smith was behind the other stories from Season Two including whenContinue reading “Hit Girl Season Two Issue #9 Recap”

Hit-Girl #4 Recap

AAANNNNDDD SHE’S BACK! Sorry about the hiatus, I discovered bravo on YouTube. Wow, I really do not know my audiences. ANYWAYS THIS WEEK WAS THE SHITSKY. Cause after I read the latest Hit-Girl, I found out this isn’t the last we shall see of little Mindy. No-ho. AND I read Saga #52 which I haveContinue reading “Hit-Girl #4 Recap”

Hit-Girl #2 Comic Book Review

As promised to my three fans, I will be reviewing Hit-Girl #2 this week, Hit-Girl #3 next week and then I think I have to wait like two more weeks till the other one comes out, but I’ll hit ya with anotha one. Maybe I’ll post a thinkpiece about why Hit-Girl is actually the bestContinue reading “Hit-Girl #2 Comic Book Review”

Hit-Girl #1 Comic Book Review

ERMERGERDD!!!! HIT-GIRLĀ IS BACK. I mean, I am excited that Kick-Ass is back, but, ya know, HIT-GIRL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! You guyzzz, Hit-Girl is my hero. Like my favorite. I dressed up as her at a comic con one year and it was the best day of my life. (I also had a Kick-Ass, not pictured.)  Continue reading “Hit-Girl #1 Comic Book Review”

Comic Book Review: Kick-Ass #1 the relaunch

Mark Millar and John Romita Jr have teamed up yet again. Dave Lizewski has been in retirement for quite some time, so someone else wears the mask now. She is revealed in the first few panels of the story, getting unmasked by a group of thugs she was trying to superhero. But really, nobody knowsContinue reading “Comic Book Review: Kick-Ass #1 the relaunch”