Black Cats and Green Bats: Black Cat #2 Comic Book Recap.

Writer: Jed MacKay Artist: C.F. Villa Cover Artists: Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia Are you over Knull and his league of Symbiote dragons? Well, I’m not! This brings me to my wonderful recap, Queen in Black : Black Cat #2! So the jist of issue #1 is this: Black Cat and friends were in theContinue reading “Black Cats and Green Bats: Black Cat #2 Comic Book Recap.”

X-Men #16 : I’m Confused.

It’s X-Men #16 recap time! I’m sure you are all still on the edge of your seat’s from last month’s X-Men #15 recap, this one is a lot less intense! If you consider taking a really long time to pick your kid up from the playground intense. Written by Jonathan Hickman Cover Art by LeinilContinue reading “X-Men #16 : I’m Confused.”

Spider-Girls #1 comic book recap

OOOOO WEEEEEEE!!!!!! I picked up a Marvel comic book! And once I cracked it open, I realized I had no idea what was going on in it because it apparently takes place after a series I am currently not reading, Spider-Geddon #2. SO if you are reading the Spider-Geddon you already know more than meContinue reading “Spider-Girls #1 comic book recap”

Ant-Man and The Wasp #1 2018 – Comic Book Recap –

In the spirit of the new Ant-Man and Wasp movie coming out, I have decided to recap the Ant-Man and Wasp series that has been out for a couple of months now. I believe issue #3 came out this past Wednesday, so if you like what I have to say here then you can head toContinue reading “Ant-Man and The Wasp #1 2018 – Comic Book Recap –”

Deadpool Assassin #1 Recap

We all know Deadpool. Merc with a mouth. We all love him. And if you don’t you can get the fuck off this blog right now. This issue is the #1 issue in a series of 6. I think. Which is great because I like these shorter stories that have proper endings n shit. SAGAContinue reading “Deadpool Assassin #1 Recap”

Old Man Hawkeye #1 Comic Book Review

Old Man Hawkeye finally gets HIS SIDE of the story told in this prequel series from the Old Man Logan story that came out years and years ago. One thing, I don’t talk about much is art, but the dystopian background art in this book is breathtaking. I really dig it. I feel like I’mContinue reading “Old Man Hawkeye #1 Comic Book Review”

Captain Marvel

The Queen is getting herself a blog post. Bout time. Let’s get into it, shall we? So it starts off in a confusing way as I am always confused about everything always. It’s a movie set and there’s a woman playing captain Marvel but it’s before she got her bad ass haircut, and then there’sContinue reading “Captain Marvel”


So, I don’t know how or where I got this book. I think it was free. But now that I have read it, I realize I would have paid money for it. Probably. This book is from 2000 and it is very confusing because my brain is fried from staring at a constant stream ofContinue reading “Sentry”


Battleworld takes place after the multiverse was destroyed. The Earth has been taken over by zombies and this region of Battleworld is holding off the zombies and being led by Elsa Bloodstone, daughter of Ulysses Bloodstone, a hunter formally with the 1950s Avengers who had a large Bloodgem embedded into his chest. Same. Elsa is aContinue reading “BATTLEWORLD”